Zeugswetter Andreas ADI SD wrote:

You have to be on a first byte before you can meaningfully apply NextChar, and you have to use NextChar or else you don't count characters correctly (eg "__" must match 2 chars not 2 bytes).

Well, for utf8 NextChar could advance to the next char even if the
current byte
position is in the middle of a multibyte char (skip over all 10xxxxxx).

It doesn't matter - we are satisfied that it won't happen. However, this might well be a useful optimisation of NextChar() for the UTF8 case as something like

 do { (t)++; (tlen)--}  while ((*(t) & 0xC0) == 0x80 && tlen > 0)

In fact, I'm wondering if that might make the other UTF8 stuff redundant - the whole point of what we're doing is to avoid expensive calls to NextChar;



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