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--On Freitag, Mai 25, 2007 00:02:06 +0000 Jaime Casanova
> sounds good. can we see the new patch?

Attached tablespace.c.diff shows my current changes to use an OID  lookup

on second thought, what happens if someone drops an empty tablespace,
that already is in the temp_tablespace GUC, and recreate it (one
scenario for this is if you want to move the tablespace to a newer
better/faster location). then will have an invalid oid until at least
you execute a new SET temp_tablespaces. And we know some "DBA's"
doesn't read the manual, so maybe this behaviour will be unexpected
for them...

> the reason for those messages is that the tablespace can get full or
> can be dropped before use, so we throw the message for the dba to take
> actions. if no one thinks is a good idea the message can be removed.

I could imagine that this could irritate DBA's (at least, that is what
happened to me during testing).

Well at least with this message they will be alerted, but still seems
silly to me... (make a SET with the same list just for updating cached

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