What exactly are you trying to build? If you have own-written Makefile
for this - post it here. Does your code contain #define BUILDING_DLL
before inclusion of PostgreSQL headers?

Wang Haiyong wrote:
> I am doing a DLL project, it is in the backend/utils/mb. But it can
> not be maked under windows mingw.
> I require everyone to help me. Thank your very much.
> The error infomations are as follows.
> Info: resolving _CurrentMemoryContext by linking to
> __imp__CurrentMemoryContext (auto-import)
> Info: resolving _SPI_processed by linking to __imp__SPI_processed
> (auto-import)
> Info: resolving _SPI_tuptable by linking to __imp__SPI_tuptable
> (auto-import)
> Info: resolving _default_statistics_target by linking to
> __imp__default_statistics_target (auto-import)
> fu000001.o(.idata$3+0xc): undefined reference to `libpostgres_a_iname'
> fu000002.o(.idata$3+0xc): undefined reference to `libpostgres_a_iname'
> fu000003.o(.idata$3+0xc): undefined reference to `libpostgres_a_iname'
> fu000004.o(.idata$3+0xc): undefined reference to `libpostgres_a_iname'
> fu000005.o(.idata$3+0xc): undefined reference to `libpostgres_a_iname'
> fu000006.o(.idata$3+0xc): more undefined references to
> `libpostgres_a_iname' follow
> nmth000000.o(.idata$4+0x0): undefined reference to
> `_nm__CurrentMemoryContext'
> nmth000111.o(.idata$4+0x0): undefined reference to `_nm__SPI_processed'
> nmth000118.o(.idata$4+0x0): undefined reference to `_nm__SPI_tuptable'
> nmth000127.o(.idata$4+0x0): undefined reference to
> `_nm__default_statistics_target'
> d:\MinGW\bin\dllwrap.exe: d:\MinGW\bin\gcc exited with status 1
> make: *** [libnsqlgeom.dll] Error 1

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