Tom, Josh,

* Josh Berkus ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> Based on further IRC, I can personally see a solution which would be 
> generally useful.  Further, this solution doesn't require (or shouldn't) 
> any modification of the existing function_path solution.  It just requires 
> two functions, which could be developed now or later:

I agree.

> 1) pg_get_caller_path() == returns the search_path of the calling session, 
> which presumably is being stored somewhere for reversion when the final 
> nested function exits.

I'd be happy to take a look at this but it depends on knowing where in
the backend the caller's search_path is stashed (which it has to be to
be reset at the end, I'd expect...), which depends on the implementation
of function_path.  I don't recall seeing that committed to CVS yet (though
perhaps I missed it).

> 2) pg_get_object_fullname(name, path) == returns the fully-qualified object 
> name of an object based on the path supplied.

I think this particular function would be useful in a number of cases,
honestly. :)

> However, I don't see this as being anything which would hold up 8.3, since 
> function_path doesn't break anything which was already working.

Agreed, never intended it to imply there was something wrong with
function_path, just a nice addition to better support certain
applications (mine, at the least :).



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