Magnus Hagander schrieb:
Are you actually *running* the script from inside cygwin? How else does it
pick up the wrong command processor?
I run the script within cmd.exe, but cygwin´s /usr/bin directory is in my PATH, therefor cygwin dir executable is in the PATH (/usr/bin/dir). Instead of running cmd.exe´s "dir" command, cygwin´s /usr/bin/dir is invoked, when calling

open($D, "dir /b $subdirs $spec |") || croak "Could not list $spec\n";

but they do not work in the same way.

So my original patch just solves the issue to run src/tools/msvc/install.(bat¦pl¦pm) while leaving the cygwin´s /usr/bin in the PATH.
Is it worth doing this the "Perl-way" and using File::Find? If so, I can work an a patch for that.
It's certainly cleaner that way, but I don't find it a major issue. But I'd
rather see that fix than the other one.
Time permitting I´ll provide a patch.


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