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A seasoned developer might only need the file name to guess what kind of
file it is, but other people could probably use the help.

I think Peter's argument is that what kind of file it is really doesn't help a
regular user. Nonetheless I agree strongly. Even if it doesn't actually make
any practical difference it's one less thing to wonder about and one more
anchor for a user to hold onto when trying to understand what's going on.
I know I feel better knowing what part is actually broken on my car than just
having a dummy light come on even if I'm going to go to the same garage either

In general I agree with your assessment but... In PostgreSQL everything is structured so formally in terms of the filesystem that the verbosity seems overkill. I mean think about it:


It isn't really that opaque. Besides, *anybody* who gets the errors we are talking about is going to post that they can't open the specific file right?


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