Ühel kenal päeval, K, 2007-05-30 kell 21:41, kirjutas Rodrigo Sakai:
>   Hello,
>   I’m developing an application that needs a different data type. So,
> I have implemented this new data type inside postgresql using C, as
> documentation shows to.
>   Basically, the data type is a composition of two timestamps, like:
> (timestamp, timestamp) and it is called ‘period’. So, almost
> everything is fine. Data type is ok, operators are ok, but the index
> doesn’t work fine.


> Here is the error about last INSERT:
> ERROR: index row size 2960 exceeds btree maximum, 2713
> SQL state: 54000
> Hint: Values larger than 1/3 of a buffer page cannot be indexed.

It seems that your C datatype is buggy, generating binary representation
of Period that is bigger than 2713 bytes.


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