Zoltan Boszormenyi wrote:
Also: to the extent that the application is willing to deal with a
Postgres-specific inet/cidr representation (which, in the end, is
what this would be) it can do that *today* using binary output format.
So I'm still not seeing an argument for exposing a cast to bytea.

            regards, tom lane

But the binary output of inet/cidr needs another round of parsing
which requires using internal server headers.

Would you like a 4/8/16/32 byte output using IP only
or IP + fully represented netmask better?

How are you getting the bytea output? If as text then you're going to be doing parsing anyway; if as binary, why not just get the binary of the base type directly? It is not clear to me why we should provide this facility just for inet/cidr - if it is justified in that case it should be required for all types.



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