Peter Eisentraut wrote:
The messages output by the "scripts" always seemed unnecessary to me, e.g.,

$ createdb foo

A Unix program (hi Magnus) shouldn't need to say anything if the requested action succeeded.

I believe the history of this output is actually that these scripts simply used to call psql and no one really questioned why the output should be this way. There are also some inconsistencies, e.g., createlang doesn't output anything, and createuser outputs CREATE ROLE.

I would just remove all this, but I suppose this will be controversial?

And what about replace all "scripts" by one command e.g pg_cmd with following interface:

pg_cmd create database <...>
       create role ...
       drop   database ...
       list  database

It solves potential name collision (for example createuser should collide with other unix command) and output is easy maintainable in one application.


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