Andrew Dunstan wrote:
> Magnus Hagander wrote:
>>> My second thought is that we should quite possibly abandon this
>>> translation altogether - we know that our COPY code is quite happy with
>>> either style of line ending, as long as the file is consistent, and also
>>> many Windows programs will quite happily read files with Unix style line
>>> endings (e.g. Wordpad, although not Notepad).
>> Agreed. We shouldn't touch the data. Every editor I know on windows
>> *except* notepad can deal just fine with Unix line endings, and if
>> you're logging your queries your logfile will be too large to work well
>> in notepad anyway :-)
> OK, so do we consider this a bug fix and backpatch it all the way to
> 8.0? Nobody's complained so far that I know of, and it's only damaged
> logs, not damaged primary data. I'm inclined just to fix it in HEAD, and
> release note the change in behaviour. It will matter more when we get
> machine-readable logs.

Agreed, I don't think we need to backpatch it. And if you do, you only
need to go as far as to 8.2, there are other bigger problems earlier
than that - the reason we're deprecating 8.0 and 8.1 (on win32 only!)
when 8.3 comes out. I guess if it applies with no changes you can
backpatch all the way (if at all), but don't put any extra work into it,


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