>Indeed ... *please* tell us your compiler issued a warning about that.

I did shell scripts that suppress the warnings, so it was a big mistake, I
agree! But I think my problem is not here!

> Well, you oughta allocate result before you store into it, not after,
> and I bet you meant to assign to the tvi and tvf fields, not tvi twice.

 You are right again. But this happened because I copy and paste the example
with a different order. But in my code all this is ok!

>Bad as these mistakes are, they don't directly explain why a later index
>entry creation would fail.  What I'm betting is that your CREATE TYPE
>command does not correctly describe the datatype size.  Based on this
>code it should be pass-by-reference, fixed-size-8-bytes, but I'll bet
>a nickel your CREATE TYPE says something else --- probably varlena.

Humm, this can help! I will investigate! Thanks a lot!

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