Peter Eisentraut wrote:
What happened to the idea to run all tests (including PL, ECPG, contrib(?)) by default, that is, by the top-level check/installcheck targets. Those who want to run individual tests could still do so in the respective subdirectories. What requirements does the buildfarm have?

I just realised that the answer to this last question is essentially
"none". The reason is that as luck would have it, buildfarm never runs
the top level check and installcheck targets - it runs them from the
src/test/regress directory. There will be changes needed in the MSVC
instructure - we'd need one or two new targets for the vcregress script
(checkall/installcheckall or some such).

However, to be sane we would also have to have the top-level default
make target build contrib (which I badly want to rename anyway), and
that will require a buildfarm change. Coordinating it won't be easy. I
suggest we plan on making changes exactly at the time that we branch
8.3. I can build in conditional logic based on the version and get an
amended script distributed ahead of time. If we don't want to coordinate
it with that I could also do things based on catversion or even a
preplanned timestamp.

I'd prefer not to make these changes before we branch, though, as there's a moderately high risk of buildfarm breakage that we don't need right now.



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