Basically, better support for binary formats which includes, but not limited
1) functions for converting to and from various datatypes
2) reducing the need to convert to and from network byte order
3) better documentation

My suggestion on using ASN.1 was merely a naive suggestion on how in can be
implemented properly without breaking (future) compatibility because that
seems to be the main problem which prevents the use of binary formats.

On 6/5/07, Richard Huxton <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Wilhansen Li wrote:
> First of all, apologies if this was not meant to be a feedback/wishlist
> mailing list.
> Binary formats in libpq has been (probably) a long
> issue (refer to the listings below) and I want to express my hope that
> next revision of PostgreSQL would have better support for binary data
> in libpq.

Um - speaking as a user, not a developer, I don't actually see a
description of what problem(s) you are suggesting be solved. Are you
saying there should be better documentation, or a new format?

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