On 6/5/07, Bruce Momjian <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Simon Riggs wrote:
> > Assuming, that is, that you think this point is important enough to
> > drive the whole design; which I find rather questionable in view of the
> > fact that the submitted patch contained no mention whatever of any such
> > consideration.  Or is this just another way in which its documentation
> > was not up to snuff?
> Well, it was listed in the TODO, but I guess that was lost somewhere
> along the line. Oh well.

The TODO description was removed once the item was complete because
sometimes the description doesn't match the implementation.  The
description was:

    It could start with a random tablespace from a supplied list and
    cycle through the list.

that is what the patch did but it did it one tablespace per BufFile
(not per file)

of course, it parses the GUC on every GetTempTablespaces() call :(

Jaime Casanova

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