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Perhaps a reasonable compromise could work like this: at the first point
in a transaction where a temp file is created, choose a random list
element, and thereafter advance cyclically for the duration of that
transaction.  This ensures within-transaction spread-out while still
having some randomness across backends.

The reason I'm thinking per-transaction is that we could tie this to
setting up a cached list of tablespace OIDs, which would avoid the
overhead of repeat parsing and tablespace validity checking.  We had
rejected using a long-lived cache because of the problem of tablespaces
getting dropped, but I think one that lasts only across a transaction
would be OK.

And the reason I'm thinking a cache is important is that if you really
want to get any win from this idea, you need to spread the temp files
across tablespaces *per file*, which is not the way it works now.

ok. are you doing this? or can i prepare a patch that implements this?
i guess we can allocate the memory for the list in TopTransactionContext.

Jaime Casanova

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