On Sat, Jun 02, 2007 at 01:37:19PM +0000, Tasneem Memon wrote:
> We can make the system ask the user as to what membership degree s/he wants 
> to get the values, but we don?t want to make the system interactive, where a 
> user gives a membership degree value of his/her choice. These operators are 
> supposed to work just like the other operators in SQL.. you just put them in 
> the query and get a result. I have put 0.8 because all the case studies I 
> have made for the NEAR,  0.8 seems to be the best choice.. 0.9 narrows the 
> range.. 0.75 or 0.7 gets those values also that are irrelevant.. However, 
> these values will no more seem to be irrelevant when we haven?t got any 
> values till the md 0.8, so the operator fetches them when they are the 
> NEARest. 
While having them function just like any other operator is good, it
seems like you're making quite a bit of an assumption for the user;
namely that you know what their data looks like better than they might.
Is it not possible that someone would come along with a dataset that
looks different enough from your test cases so that the values you
picked wouldn't work?
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