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> > Avoid losing track of data for shared tables in pgstats.  Report by Michael
> > Fuhr, patch from Tom Lane after a messier suggestion by me.
> When does this bug date to?

It was in 8.1.  I didn't verify whether it affects on 8.0; I think we
separated the shared tables in pgstats in 8.1, with the advent of
autovacuum, so I assume it doesn't.  The patch doesn't apply cleanly to
8.0 anyway, and I decided not to spent much time on it seeing that
nobody has noticed it in years.

> is it possible it's related to the performance drop immediately
> following a vacuum analyze we've been seeing?

I don't think so, unless you were counting on pgstats data of shared
tables for something.  The optimizer, for one, doesn't, so I doubt it
would affect query planning.  And it would only affect you if your
queries were using shared tables, which I very much doubt ...

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