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> That's a good question. I can't see any reason for a naptime longer
> than 60 seconds either.
> I think very large naptime settings are a symptom of another issue:
> what's the Right Way to defer vacuums until "off hours"? Is that even
> a desirable thing anymore? I don't think it is in the majority of
> cases.
> I originally thought that this was more of a Best Practices issue (ie,
> fix in the docs, not the code), but now I'm wondering if there's much
> call for supporting the idea of being more aggressive with vacuums at
> different times of the day / week / month. Anyone?

That's why the intention is to have the autovacuum scheduling feature
be a mechanism for changing the autovac parameters according to date and
time.  We even have a Google Summer of Code project about that.

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"La virtud es el justo medio entre dos defectos" (Aristóteles)

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