Michael Paesold wrote:
Matthew T. O'Connor schrieb:
Do we need a configurable autovacuum naptime at all? I know I put it in the original contrib autovacuum because I had no idea what knobs might be needed. I can't see a good reason to ever have a naptime longer than the default 60 seconds, but I suppose one might want a smaller naptime for a very active system?

A PostgreSQL database on my laptop for testing. It should use as little resources as possible while being idle. That would be a scenario for naptime greater than 60 seconds, wouldn't it?

Perhaps, but that isn't the use case PostgresSQL is being designed for. If that is what you really need, then you should probably disable autovacuum. Also a very long naptime means that autovacuum will still wake up at random times and to do the work. At least with short naptime, it will do the work shortly after you updated your tables.

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