Andrew Dunstan wrote:
The situation with this patch is that I now have it in a state where I think it could be applied, but there is one blocker, namely that we do not have a way of preventing the interleaving of log messages from different backends, which leads to garbled logs. This is an existing issue about which we have had complaints, but it becomes critical for a facility the whole purpose of which is to provide logs in a format guaranteed to work with our COPY command.

Unfortunately, there is no solution in sight for this problem, certainly not one which I think can be devised and implemented simply at this stage of the cycle. The solution we'd like to use, LWLocks, is not workable in his context. In consequence, I don't think we have any option but to shelve this item for the time being.

I think this will get shot down, but here goes anyway...

How about creating a log-writing-process? Postmaster could write to the log files directly until the log-writer is up and running, then all processes can send their log output through the log-writer.

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