Based on the patches status page:

we are a few weeks away from completing all patch review and entering
beta.  If you have been asked to updated your patch by a patch reviewer,
please do so in the next few days or your patch risks being held for

Patch reviewers are not going to chase down patch authors to get patch
changes completed; one email request is sufficient, and I will back up
any patch reviewer who wants to hold a patch for 8.4 because the patch
was not updated by the patch author in a timely manner.

This holds true not only for patches where an update has already been
requested but for future requests for updates.  The original patch might
have made the April 1 deadline, but if it isn't updated promptly, then
it will be considered to be not ready to apply and be held for 8.4.

The bottom line is that the patch review process is hard enough, and we
need the assistance of patch submitters to work with the patch reviewers
in a timely manner.

  Bruce Momjian  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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