Hello all,


I am working on a search-related project where scaling is a major issue.
Recently I've been experimenting with the beautifully designed rd-tree
indexes and intarray contrib module, and it seems like a great solution for


I've hit a few bumps and am looking for clarification from anyone familiar
with the implementation of the intbig versions of intarray.


It is documented that intbig utilizes 4096 bit signatures to represent the
set nodes in the tree.  However, I am unable to find any reference to a
4kbit signature in the code and am wondering where this is implemented.


Also, is the leaf comparison also a signature comparison like the nodes?  Or
is this an exact comparison?  From my understanding of the code, it doesn't
appear to be an exact comparison.  If this is the case, how can I access the
original intarray that is being referenced by this signature?


Thanks in advance.  I have spent many hours digging through code (and
deciphering macros) and need a bit of help to get a better understanding
before I can move forward.


Jonathan Gray

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