On Mon, 4 Jun 2007, Kris Jurka wrote:

On Mon, 4 Jun 2007, Andrew Dunstan wrote:

turnip_moth is also a Solaris 9 box and doesn't seem have the same issue.

Kris, is there anything unusual installed on the box that would make it behave like this?

Not sure what's going on here. I did a manual run of the ecpg tests and it completed normally. This machine is quite out of date and it has a large mix of GNU tools with the solaris ones. Since turnip_moth is maintained by Sun I would expect it to be up to date on patches and have few non-Sun tools installed. So it could be using a different interpreter or it could be using a broken tool for which a patch has been released. I'll try doing a run with the buildfarm client later today to try and reproduce this.

Running ecpg's pg_regress script with -x yields:

+ cp connect/test2.c results/connect-test2.c
+ connect/test2
+ mv results/connect-test2.c results/connect-test2.c.tmp
+ cat results/connect-test2.c.tmp
+ sed -e s,^\(#line [0-9]*\) ".*/\([^/]*\)",\1 "\2",
+ rm results/connect-test2.c.tmp
+ [ yes = yes ]
./pg_regress: bad substitution

So it looks like it's bailing on this line:

   if [ "$enable_threading" = yes ] && [ "${i%%/*}" = "thread" ]; then

and it doesn't like the ${i%%/*} construct. Still not sure why it happens some places and not others.

Kris Jurka

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