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so I
> thought I would reiterate.
> Dann Corbit wrote:
> > However, I won't twist your arm.  I just wanted to be sure that
those at
> > the PostgreSQL organization were aware of this simple trick.  Our
> > products run on:
> > Aix
> > BeOS
> > Hpux
> > Linux (everywhere, including mainframe zLinux)
> > MVS
> > SunOS
> > Solaris
> > OpenVMS Alpha
> > OpenVMS VAX
> > OpenVMS Itanium
> > Windows
> >
> > And several others
> >
> >
> >
> >
> We already set the SNDBUF on Windows for reasons documented in the

The only place I see it is for Windows *only* in PQCOMM.C (to 32K).  Did
I miss it somewhere else?

> I think if you were to quantify the alleged improvement by platform it
> might allay suspicion.

I do not know if you will see the same results as we do.  We support
ancient and modern operating systems, on ancient and modern hardware (we
have OpenVMS 6.1 running Rdb as old as 4.2, for instance -- 1980's

The only way for you to see if your environments have the same sort of
benefits that we see is to test it yourselves.

The TCP/IP window size is such a well known optimization setting (in
fact the dominant one) that I am kind of surprised to be catching anyone

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