Alvaro Herrera wrote:

> There is a remaining problem though, which is that it doesn't work at
> all on VPATH builds.  The problem seems to be that we are neglecting to
> symlink the files into the builddirs.  I am looking into that.

The "problem" is that the files are only symlinked on "make install",
and I had forgotten to do that.  So this is just pilot error.  I did
correct a minor buglet in the ecpg makefile.

Everything seems to be working now, and all tests (main, contrib, pl and
ecpg) pass on my machine.

Thanks to Joachim and Magnus for reworking this stuff.

Alvaro Herrera                     
"No deja de ser humillante para una persona de ingenio saber
que no hay tonto que no le pueda enseƱar algo." (Jean B. Say)

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