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The problem here is that there aren't really very many defined
defaults, or that these defaults vary (sometimes greatly) between the
different flavors of UNIX. For example, please tell me:

1) Where should PGDATA default to?
2) How do you want to handle logging output from the postmaster? There
are plenty of options...
3) Where should those log files get written?
4) For 1 and 3, will that support multiple major versions of
PostgreSQL? (ie, can I have 8.2.latest and 8.1.latest installed at the
same time)
5) How about multiple postmasters (on different ports)?
Exactly :} ... all very good points... and then there's still the
ownerships of processes and directories/files, and their perms.
And integration with the init-scripts.  And how e.g. the environment
variables for users should be handled.

I think that the community would be well served by standardizing on
these things, at least for basic installations.
But whose decision should that be?
The postgres' developers?
I think that the defaults that the configure script suggests are
quite sane, and happily use them in my Slackware installations.

Linux File system Hierarchy standards?  Which major distro(s)? And
what about the BSDs (or the commercial Unices supported)?

And while at it: who would define what a "basic installation" is? :)

-- Cheers,

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