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First a comment:

At CONNX Solutions Inc., we believe sincerely that we should do whatever is necessary to make our customers prosper. This means creation of excellent tools and being responsive to customer needs. Secondly, we believe that we should treat the customers the way that we want to be treated.

I think that the PostgreSQL group has managed the first objective, but not the second. Of course, that is only an opinion, but I think that success hinges on both factors. Our objective in this issue has also been to improve PostgreSQL so that it can become more useful to the end users and not to denigrate the work of the engineers that have toiled on it. I will also admit that frustration has caused our tone to become sharp at times. This is clearly a mistake on our part and for this, I apologize.

Woah, now this is interesting. This morning, I read this whole thread, wondering what in the world could possibly be taking so long ;).

I will admit that many of us in the community tend to try to provide a solution without actually understanding the problem. I think it kind of comes with the territory, a lot of times it seems like FOSS is all about the work around versus the solution because the solution takes longer.

Perception is a powerful thing. Personally, I didn't see any of the community doing anything but trying their best to help you with the problem you were experiencing.

What I did see, is a lot of tenseness from your side, to what basically amounts to "free" support. Remember that we are here, at no cost to you.

Lastly, the PostgreSQL community doesn't have customer. You have customer, CMD has customers, the PostgreSQL community does not.

The best correlation I can give you is this. We (the community) are all a team. You are part of that team. We are not your vendor.


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