Hannu Krosing wrote:
Ühel kenal päeval, T, 2007-06-12 kell 13:40, kirjutas Larry McGhaw:
For what its worth .. Your statement about why we are the first people
to mention this problem really got me thinking.  Anyone who would
attempt to write an ODBC driver for Postgres would run into the exact
same issue.   So I installed the official Postgres ODBC driver, and ran
the identical query and here are my results:

I probably should have looked at this first .... There is a whole
Postgres ODBC dialog dedicated to the very subject of this thread:
Handling of "unknown" data sizes.   The pgodbc driver is configured to
treat unknowns as varchar(255) by default,
As shown by my example below.  This can be configured up or down as

BTW, what is the reason you are writing your own ODBC driver ?

They aren't I don't think. I think they are using the ODBC driver as an example.

Joshua D. Drake

What problems in the official one are you trying to solve ?


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