Stephen Frost wrote:
* Dave Page ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
/* We only show the rel name, not schema name */
relname = get_rel_name(rte->relid);

Anyone know why? This seems like a bug to me given the ambiguity of
possible output.

I'd assume it's to keep the explain output smaller with the
expectation/assumption that in general you're going to know.  A possible
work-around would be to just always provide table aliases for your
queries, as those are shown in the explain.

I have no control over the queries themselves.

In terms of behaviour changes, I think it'd be nice to show the schema
name when necessary but otherwise don't, ala how '\d <view>' works.

In my case that would be awkward as pgAdmin would then need to try to work out what the actual table was based on the search path used for the users query.

Another option might be to omit the schema when an alias is provided, or
maybe even omit the entire table name in favor of the alias.

That would make it very painful as I'd need to parse the query client side to resolve the table names. Yeuch.

Just adding the schema name seems the most sensible and usable option - not to mention the easiest!

Regards, Dave

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