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Teodor Sigaev <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
The reason to save SQLish interface to dictionaries is a simplicity of
configuration. Snowball's stemmers are useful as is, but ispell dictionary
requires some configuration action before using.

Yeah.  I had been wondering about moving the dict_initoption over to the
configuration entry --- is that sane at all?  It would mean that
dict_init functions would have to guard themselves against invalid
options, but they probably ought to do that anyway.  If we did that,
I think we could have a fixed set of dictionaries without too much
problem, and focus on just configurations as being user-alterable.

currently, all dictionaries we provide are all template dictionaries,
so users could change only parameters.

But, there are reasons to allow users register new templates and in fact we know people/projects with application-dependent dictionaries. How they could dump/reload their dictionaries ?

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