I've done some more work on this point.  After looking at the Snowball
code in more detail, I'm thinking it'd be a good idea to keep it at
arm's length in a loadable shared library, instead of incorporating it

I splited stemmers to two sets because of regression test. As I remember, there was some problems with loadable conversions and configure's flag --disable-shared

the only entry points being snowball_init() and snowball_lexize()
tsearch dictionary support functions.  (I am thinking of having just one
such function pair, with the init function taking an init option to
select which stemmer to use, instead of a separate Postgres function
pair per stemmer.)
So, it's needed to change dictinitoption format of snowball dictionaries to point both stop-word file and language's name.

If there're no objections, I'll push forward with completing the
dictionary support functions to go with this infrastructure.
How will we synchronize our changes in patch?

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