Hello All,Recently, I have been involved in some work that requires me to 
monitor low level performance counters for pgsql. Specifically, when I execute 
a particular query I want to be able to tell how many system calls get executed 
on behalf of that query and time of each sys call. The idea is to provide a 
break down of the total query running time in terms of CPU time (user+system) 
and IO (wait time + service time) and any other contributing factors.I have 
been using various performance monitoring tool in linux including vmstat, 
mpstat, iostat and strace(to monitor system calls). Surprisingly, no matter 
what type of query I execute, when I use strace to monitor the system calls 
generated they turn out to be the same for ALL sorts of queries. Now this could 
happen because (a) the tool (strace) is not robust (b) something the pgsql code 
is doing that eludes strace. At this point I have been unable to narrow it 
down. Any help in this regard will be greatly appreciated. Also if somebody 
knows a better way of achieving the same goal please let me know.Thanks for 
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