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> Heikki Linnakangas <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> In utils/adt/tid.c, there's two mysterious functions with no comments, 
>> and no-one calling them inside backend code AFAICT: currtid_byreloid and 
>> currtid_byrelname. What do they do/did?
> IIRC, the ODBC driver uses them, or once did, to deal with
> concurrent-update situations --- it wants to be able to find the
> currently committed version of a row it saw as valid earlier in the
> transaction.  I think it's sort of a client-side version of the
> EvalPlanQual stuff.  Hiroshi probably remembers more.

It could be using currtid_byreloid:

                                                      List of functions
   Schema   |  Name   | Result data type | Argument data types | Owner | 
Language |   Source code    |      Description      
 pg_catalog | currtid | tid              | oid, tid            | stark | 
internal | currtid_byreloid | latest tid of a tuple
(1 row)

But how would it use currtid_byrelname?

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