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Now that we've fixed the partial/interleaved log line issue, I have returned to trying toi get the CSV log patch into shape. Sadly, it still needs lots of work, even after Greg Smith and I both attacked it, so I am now going through it with a fine tooth comb.

One issue I notice is that it mangles the log message to add a tab character before each newline. We do this in standard text logs to make them more readable for humans. but the whole point of having CSV logs is to make them machine readable, and I'm rather inclined to think this sort of behaviour is both unnecessary and undesirable. So I'm intending to leave it out for CSV logs.


With tab characters in the log, the user has to only enable csvlog to have both machine and human readable logs. The user can use the csvlog always and use it for human reading and load it into the database only if he wants it for further analysis. That was my original intention anyway.

I think it's more important to have the machine readable version not embelish the query in any way.

(Also as I wrote the patch some time ago, I forgot how the loaded log gets displayed after a select. If it gets displayed with the tabs, then isn't it desirable that way as well?)

I don't think tabs will help that much. In psql, expanded output mode is likely to be better anyway.



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