Bruce Momjian wrote:
Greg Smith wrote:

I don't expect this patch to be perfect when it is applied.  I do expect
to be a best effort, and it will get continual real-world testing during
beta and we can continue to improve this.  Right now, we know we have a
serious issue with checkpoint I/O, and this patch is going to improve
that in most cases.  I don't want to see us reject it or greatly delay
beta as we try to make it perfect.

My main point is that should keep trying to make the patch better, but
the patch doesn't have to be perfect to get applied.  I don't want us to
get into a death-by-testing spiral.

Death by testing? The only comment I have is that is could be useful to be able to turn this feature off via GUC. Other than that, I think it is great.

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