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> Something worth considering, though unrelated to the topic at hand: what
> happens with the table stats after CLUSTER?  Should we cause an ANALYZE
> afterwards?  We could end up running with outdated statistics.

We don't invalidate the value statistics in pg_stats by ANALYZE presently.

Also, the runtime statistics are not invalidated -- it cound be a bug.
pgstat_drop_relation() is expecting relid (pg_class.oid) as the argument,
but we pass it relfilenode.

static void
smgr_internal_unlink(RelFileNode rnode, int which, bool isTemp, bool isRedo)
     * Tell the stats collector to forget it immediately, too.  Skip this in
     * recovery mode, since the stats collector likely isn't running (and if
     * it is, pgstat.c will get confused because we aren't a real backend
     * process).
    if (!InRecovery)


ITAGAKI Takahiro
NTT Open Source Software Center

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