Joe Conway wrote:
I finally was able PL/R to compile and run on Windows recently. This has lead to people using a Windows based client (typically PgAdmin III) to create PL/R functions. Immediately I started to receive reports of failures that turned out to be due to the carriage return (\r) used in standard Win32 EOLs (\r\n). It seems that the R parser only accepts newlines (\n), even on Win32 (confirmed on r-devel list with a core developer).

My first thought on fixing this issue was to simply replace all instances of '\r' in pg_proc.prosrc with '\n' prior to sending it to the R parser. As far as I know, any instances of '\r' embedded in a syntactically valid R statement must be escaped (i.e. literally the characters "\" and "r"), so that should not be a problem. But I am concerned about how this potentially plays against multibyte characters. Is it safe to do this, or do I need to use a mb-aware replace algorithm?

Didn't we just settle that all the server-side encodings have to be ASCII supersets? In which case, just removing the CRs should be quite safe.



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