This is the problematic part in formatting.c, function "dch_time".

                                int                     siz = 

                                if (arg == DCH_TZ)
                                        strcpy(inout, tmtcTzn(tmtc));
                                        char       *p = palloc(siz);

                                        strcpy(p, tmtcTzn(tmtc));
                                        strcpy(inout, str_tolower(p));
                                return siz;

here, doing a palloc with "siz+1" solves the issue but following /
making the convention, pstrdup should be used instead which is
specifically written for this purpose.

Probably too small a change for a patch ?


On 6/29/07, Tom Lane <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Patrick Welche <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> With today's CVS code (originally noticed with 8.2beta3), on a PC where
> INT_MAX=0x7FFFFFFF=2147483647

> postgres=# select to_char(2147483648,'999,999,999');
> WARNING:  detected write past chunk end in ExprContext 0x845509c
> WARNING:  detected write past chunk end in ExprContext 0x845509c

Yech ... it's scribbling on the output of int8out, which is bad enough,
but it's assuming that buffer will be long enough when it demonstrably

Some days I think we ought to throw out formatting.c and rewrite it from
scratch; it's probably the most poorly-coded module in all of Postgres.

                        regards, tom lane

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