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On Fri, Jun 29, 2007 at 03:09:30PM +0200, Bernd Helmle wrote:
Short question:

While playing around with various postgresql installations i recognized
that pg_dump complaints even within major-releases about different
minor-numbers, such as:

pg_dump: server version: 8.2.4; pg_dump version: 8.2.0

I thought we are safe against pg_dump changes within a minor release, or
i'm wrong?

Unless there are fixes *in* pg_dump. You should always try to use the
latest minor version for both server and client tools, since they contain
important bugfixes in general. That said, it will mosto ften work fine
with an older minor version one.

Okay i understand...i always advice people to use the most recent version, but i was a little bit surprised that we force -i even in minor releases if we encounter a version mismatch (the other way spoken: i was in the opinion we check against major number only). Thanks for the clarification...



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