Naz Gassiep <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> As a result, when creating tables containing large blocks of text I wish
> to index, I've been using HASH as an index method. Please can we state
> in the manual that HASH index types are in a beta stage of development
> or something similar, or perhaps remove the manual entry altogether
> until HASH is at a point where it is usable in production.

Uh, the manual already does say

    Note: Testing has shown PostgreSQL's hash indexes to perform no better
    than B-tree indexes, and the index size and build time for hash indexes
    is much worse. Furthermore, hash index operations are not presently
    WAL-logged, so hash indexes might need to be rebuilt with REINDEX after
    a database crash. For these reasons, hash index use is presently

under 11.2 Index Types, as well as various derogatory remarks elsewhere.

                        regards, tom lane

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