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(change requires restart): this phrase appears over 20 times in the notes. This is enough times to be really repetitive and take up a lot of scrolling space, while not actually covering all startup-time parameters. We should either (a) remove all such notes and rely on docs, or (b) make an annotation symbol (e.g. *R) and mark 100% of them.

That was put in deliberately not long ago, so I doubt (a) will pass.
(b) seems fine to me.

+1 on (b), -1 on (a)

# work_mem = ( RAM * 0.5 ) / max_connections, or less

That seems guaranteed to drive people into swap hell, unless they
execute only trivial queries.

Maybe he meant .05, which would be semi-reasonable?

# checkpoint_segments = 8 to 16 if you have the disk space (0.3 to 0.6 GB)

This seems definitely too small --- for write-intensive databases I like
to set it to 30 or so, which should eat about a GB if I did the
arithmetic right.

Hmpf, I set it to 30 just to get it out of the way. I would agree that 8-16 is too small.


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