Pavel Stehule wrote:
> 2007/7/4, Bruce Momjian <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> > > The use case is any system that uses temp tables in an OLTP setting,
> > > which certainly isn't uncommon. The problem is that today (and as well
> > > with a global temp table that is still writing to the catalogs) is that
> > > every OLTP operation that creates or drops a temp table is doing DDL.
> > > At best, that leads to a lot of catalog bloat. Right now, it appears to
> > > also expose some race conditions (we've got a customer that's been bit
> > > by this and we've been able to reproduce some odd behavior in the lab).
> >
> > The solution is to fix the bloat, not add a work-around.
> >
> Catalog bloat is one unwanted effect. Second is different behave of
> temp tables  than other mayor rdbms, and uncomfortable work with temp
> tables in stored procedures. Third argument for implementation of
> global temp tables is full support of ANSI SQL,

OK, so the idea of global temp tables is actually implemented in other
dbmss.  OK.

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