Kevin Grittner wrote:

> This all started with the question about whether the documentation should
> say anything about vacuum schedules other than "enable autovacuum."
> My point was that I have a use case where I think that a scheduled vacuum
> will be better than leaving everything to autovacuum.  I may not be the only
> one, so I'm thinking the documentation should discuss where an explicit
> schedule might be useful.

Fair enough, you are correct that this scenario may be a useful one to
describe in the docs.

There are plans to add some sort of scheduling to autovacuum so that it
choses different settings based on time/date.  It may be useful for you
as well (though of course they are 8.4 material at best ...), and we may
consider shrinking the docs (or at least reshaping them) a bit at that

> The changes sound good, but I don't see the point of having any vacuum
> activity during the work week on the big tables in the database I was
> describing.

Of course.

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