* Tom Lane ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> As of today there are two new functions exported by libpq.so since
> 8.2 (lo_truncate and PQconnectionUsedPassword).  Currently,
> libpq/Makefile sets the major.minor shlib version to 5.1 as compared
> to 5.0 in PG 8.2.  Should it be 6.0?  I seem to recall people
> chastizing us for not bumping the major version if there were any
> ABI changes at all, forward-compatible or not.

No, it should be 5.1 (we havn't released a 5.1 at all yet, have we?).
Adding functions is a minor shlib bump and should *not* change the
SONAME (which includes the major here, objdump -p libpq.so.5.0).



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