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<[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, "Kevin Grittner"
> We're running a number of warm standby instances on one server.  One of them 
> stalled on Saturday.  When I found that this morning, I confirmed that the 
> files were in the directory from which it should be pulling the WAL files.  
> The logs showed normal processing up to the stall, with no messages 
> afterwards.  I tried a restart and it resumed warm standby status and caught 
> up quickly.
No, actually it stalled on the same WAL file.  I've got another one in the
same state that I haven't touched yet.  I'll work on gathering what info I
can think of, but if there's something in particular you would like to see,
let me know.
More in a bit.
Should this be on the bugs list instead of hackers?

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