When ReadRecord encounters an XLOG_SWITCH record, it does
EndRecPtr.xrecoff += XLogSegSize - 1;
EndRecPtr.xrecoff -= EndRecPtr.xrecoff % XLogSegSize;
which seems to set xrecoff to either 0 (if it was 0)
or to XLogSegSize (if it was > 0).

Note that xrecoff == XLogSegSize is kind of "denormalized" -
the normalized version would have xrecoff == 0, and xlogid = xlogid+1

Passing this "denormalized" EndRecPtr to ReadRecord again
to read the next record than triggers a PANIC
("invalid record offset at ??/10000000"). Passing NULL to ReadRecord
to read the next record works, because it takes care to align the
EndRecPtr to the next page, thereby fixing the "denormalization".

Is there a reason not to do the same for non-NULL arguments to
ReadRecord? Or is there some failure case that the current
behaviour protects against?

The reason I stumbled over this is that I want to restart archive
recovery from a "bgreplay" process - I tried passing the EndRecPtr
via shmem, and using it as my initial argument to ReadRecord, and
thereby stumbled over this behaviour.

greetings, Florian Pflug

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