Stefan Kaltenbrunner wrote:
I just took a look at adding gssapi build support on solaris (solaris
10/x86_64, sun studio 10, 64bit build) which seemed easy enough by
educating configure to look for -lgss but while it compiles just fine
the resulting tree will not be able to complete a make check due to
psql(!) segfaulting as soon as it tries to connect to the backend.
the backtrace looks similiar to:

program terminated by signal SEGV (no mapping at the fault address)
0x00007fffffd3d401: _memcpy+0x00e1:     movq     %rax,(%rdi)
Current function is pqPutMsgBytes
  475           memcpy(conn->outBuffer + conn->outMsgEnd, buf, len);
(dbx) where
  [1] _memcpy(0x4, 0x4709a0, 0x67, 0x2, 0x646c697562677000,
0x7361626174616400), at 0x7fffffd3d401
=>[2] pqPutMsgBytes(buf = 0x4709a0, len = 103U, conn = 0x4682f0), line
475 in "fe-misc.c"
  [3] pqPutnchar(s = 0x4709a0 "", len = 103U, conn = 0x4682f0), line 189
in "fe-misc.c"
  [4] pqPacketSend(conn = 0x4682f0, pack_type = '\0', buf = 0x4709a0,
buf_len = 103U), line 2439 in "fe-connect.c"
  [5] PQconnectPoll(conn = 0x4682f0), line 1299 in "fe-connect.c"
  [6] connectDBComplete(conn = 0x4682f0), line 936 in "fe-connect.c"
  [7] PQsetdbLogin(pghost = (nil), pgport = (nil), pgoptions = (nil),
pgtty = (nil), dbName = 0xfffffd7fffdffbeb "postgres", login = (nil),
pwd = (nil)), line 660 in "fe-connect.c"
  [8] main(argc = 3, argv = 0xfffffd7fffdff9b8), line 211 in "startup.c"

ideas ?

Do you use also 64bit psql? Can you send me your ./configure setup? However, I see there potential integer overflow, because len is size_t and conn->outMsgEnd is defined as int.


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