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Because this patch was not completed, I have added it to the TODO list:

* Fix to_date()-related functions to consistently issue errors


I'm now taking another run at this issue.  Here's what I've got in mind.

There are three distinct conventions for specifying a date that we
consider in Postgres.  These are
* Julian day,
* ISO week date, and
* Standard Gregorian.

Within an ISO week date, you can identify a date using either
* year, week and day-of-week, or
* year and day-of-year.

Likewise within a Gregorian date, you can identify a date using
* year, month and day-of-month,
* year, month, week-of-month and day-of-week (extremely weird, but there it is)
* year, week, and day-of-week, or
* year and day-of-year.

Chad Wagner mentioned that Oracle will allow a combination of Julian
and Gregorian formats so long as both formats yield the same date.  If
we're going to stick with the theme of imitating Oracle, I propose the

* No mixing of Gregorian and ISO fields permitted.  If the format
string contains both Gregorian and ISO normative fields in any
sequence or combination, we throw an ERRCODE_INVALID_DATETIME_FORMAT
and reject the query.
* Either Gregorian or ISO format strings may include a Julian date
field, as long as the results are in agreement.  If the results
disagree, we reject the query.
* Purely non-normative fields (like "Q") are completely and silently
* A Gregorian or ISO format may be over-constraining as long as all
values are in agreement.  If there are any conflicts we reject the

So, for example, we would reject something like "YYYY-IDDD" out of
hand because it combines the ISO and Gregorian conventions, making it
impossible to ascertain what the user really wants to do.

We would allow YYYY-MM-DD J as long as the result for the YYYY-MM-DD
part matches the result for the J part.

We would also allow something like YYYY-MM-DD D as long as the results
of YYYY-MM-DD and D matched.  So to_date('2007-07-18 4', 'YYYY-MM-DD
D') would successfully return the date 18 July 2007, but if you tried
to_date('2007-07-18 5', 'YYYY-MM-DD D') you would get an error.

If there are no objections I'd be happy to cook a patch up.

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