* Joshua D. Drake ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> Stephen Frost wrote:
>> * Joshua D. Drake ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
>>> How many people actually use kerberos... How many people who are using 
>>> kerberos are going to be running 7.3. 7.3 is no longer supported so by 
>>> postgresql.org so who cares.
>> AOL, MIT, CMU, to name a few...  I'm really annoyed at these constant
>> digs at what is really a very large userbase.  Perhaps they're not all
>> running 7.3 but the implication that there's a small number of people
>> using Kerberos is just amazingly far off.
> *cough* , compared to the number of installations *not* using kerberos it 
> is amazing that you would make such a far off correlation.

Oh, yea, and every place that uses Active Directory ..

> Note that we are talking about Kerberos + PostgreSQL, not Kerberose in 
> general.

I was referring to your first question, which, in my view, is the more
appropriate one *anyway*.  At least if you have a "PostgreSQL is going
to dominate the WORLD!" point of view, as I do. :) 



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