* Tom Lane ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> Oh, they're fully interchangeable at the wire level?  Is this true both
> with respect to the PG client/backend protocol and the protocol to the
> authentication server?

I believe that's the case, yes.

> If there's no interoperability issues then I
> agree that a configure-time choice is sufficient for selecting which
> library to use.

In general I agree, but I'd like to see builds for Windows which support
them and I'm not sure that'll happen quite as regularly. :/

Aside from that issue though, if we're going to continue krb5 support
(which I'd encourage unless we have some reason to stop) and it's not
too much effort (I get the impression it's not) to support both
concurrently, I'd really appreciate it. :)  I'm not aware of any 'funny
business' which would be involved in supporting them both at the same
time, and I believe Magnus is working on it.



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